For The Love of Thanks Giving

Give Thanks to God for everyone, for everything, seen and unseen, for our maker and creator is here, there, and everywhere - he was there with mom, pops, grandma and grandpa who prayed and gave thanks so we can live today and we in turn provide the same healing thanksgivings for our children, and great grandchildren and so far ahead as our ancestors did for us. Today we honour their legacies by speak, thought and action. Good thoughts. Not envious or dark images. Our families prayed and acted with ceremonial action to defeat jealousy, and gossip and we are tasked to continue carrying the torch of life through kindness and forgiveness for ourselves and our family. Someday we will be someones ancestors and they won’t know our name and that’s okay. We serve almighty gizhe-manido- he knows and that’s all that matters. Miigwetch, Kenn (photo by Marcos)

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