Kenn Speaks at International Death Symposium: Institute of Traditional Medicine Holds World Conferen

Kenn's Son: Shannon Kenneth Cecil Papase Meawasige; The story behind "When My Son Died" Photo Credit Karen Meawasige

Kenn's Son Shannon Kenneth Cecil Papase Meawasige

Details to follow. Kenn Pitawanakwat has been invited as Speaker to the world conference on death, dying, and living in Toronto September 21 - 23, 2018. He will also act as vendor for his inaugural book, "When My Son Died" during the conference when not presenting. Kenn owes his good fortune to his maker and more so, his son Shannon, whose " is [not] done here". Kenn is left behind to spread Shannon's message of love, forgiveness and the spirit of traditional Nishinaabe medicine and healing carries onward into future generations across communities wherever grief has struck. Shannon Kenneth Cecil Papase was Kenn's first born child who went home at the tender age of forty.

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