Big Beaver House of north-western Ontario is a winter road access community located 518 kilometres or 279 nautical miles north of Thunder Bay Ontario Canada celebrated its 50th homecoming-and we were there!

Four-hundred kind souls live in that community with about one-hundred children from j/k to grade eight. Served with health and recreational opportunities, King Fisher Lake, which also it’s known by, is surrounded by hundreds of kilometres of bush, and trees, and lakes and streams and rivers-and we got to go out ice-fishing in minus -30 to -40 weather. Lakes frozen for the semi trucks delivering snacks, chow of all kinds. What you could not access at the community owned store, one simply threw their fishing lines in, and voila! Man! Pickerel. Walleye. My first catch was a northern pike. Not a prized catch with the locals. But I kept it and served us tummy’s well.

One moment of the first day of the homecoming is reflected in the photographs taken with a Go-Pro. Many more pics of this community from different events will appear. This is your introductory shot. Oh, the moose meat was excellent. Many thanks to the kind donations to the community-you know who you are. Miigwetch!

Prayers and condolences to those who have lost loved ones. And MIIGWETCH to the elders who prayed when my son passed. For that, you shall be forever in my prayers of gratitude

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