Good Love to All

From the Arctic blast to the eastern seaboard to the deserts of America and across the pond. I, Kenn salute you all. Much is on my mind today. From the gentle wisps of snow swimming across my window and onto the the snow blanket, and from it comes, I know not. To the bereaved families of today - we have one human being that arrived last night in -40 c weather, to the many more everywhere. Up the tundra of James Bay Canada, I know another friend and colleague who died way too young. He was a decade (at least) younger. And now I think of his wife and children. Reminds me of when I buried our father on a cold and very deep blanketed snow ground in February of 1982. Much love and sadness. Abound, here, and from yesterday. Tomorrow is never promised someone said. True. So I take this moment to send love out into the universe, as I know it will come back. Done! It's gone. It's out there.

Assorted posts on "Aaniish naa gegii endodaman nangwa,?" will be posted in print and You Tube. Assorted author, readings, signings, and facilitator workshops are anticipated for 2018. I have a banner that I use for a backdrop during my author events that introduce Indigenous Grief, Healing Circles, and Individual Counselling One as a list of services I provide. To date, one workshop has been confirmed. It's for those that work with organizations that work with grief stricken individuals, and families. It's for the front line worker. The one in the trenches. Open to anyone actually. More on this as in the coming moments. Maybe your group can sponsor you for this two-day workshop. One confirmed booking to date. More on this later.

I should tell you about the woman who to my fire in my backyard that I use to to work with people and on their trauma , issues, and more. She heaved. She choked. The bile from a a lifetime of putting down wanted release. With my help, and with the creator, and helpers, she walked away a new woman, determined to not leave her job, and looking forward to the upcoming holiday. Before that she was about to call it quits and to be seen no more. Such is the weight of grief, indigenous grief, layered or enveloping the seed of ruin, that left unchecked leads to many complications. Everywhere, and in everything. I have seen it too many times over the decades. That is an example of health and love in action. Action works over platitudes. And that is what I encourage others to do...okay, later, Obaamaapii ka-kinon-gamin miinwaa gooding. And love, pass it along. It's free.

Indigenous Grief Workshops

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